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I was raised primarily in several isolated mining towns throughout Nevada. My childhood was laced with neglect and emotional abuse from parents addicted to alcohol and gambling. I write on those experiences in order to share with others how I found deliverance and hope.

I now live in Reno Nevada with my two dachshund dogs Sammy and Tommy Lou. I divide my time between long walks with my dogs and writing. I am an avid bird lover breeding exotic small birds and caring for my African Violet collection. I have a deep desire to address child abuse issues by reaching out with my writings. To take the pain I have experienced and turn it into a gift of healing for others.

Why my eBooks are available for .99 cents on Amazon and free on Smashwords?

Through a partnership with and I am able to distribute my eBooks at no cost to myself. This allows me to distribute my eBooks for .99 cents on Amazon and free on Smashwords in the hope of inspiring others to find healing from within. The Amazon versions of my eBooks have additional page formatting and table of content features that are not available in the Smashwords free eBook format.

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Sample Poems from my eBooks:

Where Did He Go - from A Child Interrupted

An Intrusive Mental Illness - from A Child's Journey Through Darkness

Whisperings - from Weeping Child to Forgiving Child 

Footsteps - from Cushed Violets

Miss Goody Two Shoes - from And The Child Grew Up

A Poem to Daddy - from Love Letters to Daddy

Imagine all the Children - from Unshaken

Reunion - from Wanderlust

Jewels - from Miriam's Song

Faith - from Seasons

Rapid Cycling - from The Three Friends

Provisions - from The Scarlet Cord

Where Can I Go - from The Runaway

Stand Strong - from Bottles of Tears

Parables - from The Gatekeeper's Child



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